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I was web developer for more than 8 years. One thing which I don’t like to do is web design. I always depend on some one else for Style sheets, web sites design, images. Most of the times, I used curse myself, why I am not a web designer.

Recently, We three colleagues joined and started a small start up company called “3ITGuys“. This time I don’t wanted to depend on any one to for style sheets and images.  I started learning designing and started searching for inspirations and resources. The first design resource which I found is “smashingmagazine“.  Yes. Its love at first sight. I have subscribed them immediately.

What I liked in there web site?

  1.  Web site design (First impression)
  2. Most of the design resources web sites primarily concentrating freebies and Impressive web designs. I am kind of tired of seeing those kind of websites. Mostly those were look like copy cats. but they used change the order of the sites. But Smashing Magazine, They are really standing out in what they are doing. They are providing lots of Design resources and articles about Designs, Usability,  User Experience, Techniques and ideas like “Why free lancing gets fails” , Typography and more.



So If you wanted to start designing, I highly recommend this site to subscribe.