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Windows 7 – Lenovo 510 Intermittent freezing, hang and resumes automatically…

Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Blog, Windows 7, Windows 8 | 0 comments

I am having Lenovo 510 which I bought for $1500 and for the past 2 months I was facing strange problem. While I was using the system, The system got freezed, mouse cursor wont move, the key boards wont work, the hard drive stops rotating (temporary death 🙂 ) and it resumed automatically.  It was very annoying especially for a web developer and designer who is using the system for more than 10 hours per day.  I was not able to find any single solution for this issues. Every forum I visited, they asked me to check recently installed drivers and uninstall one by one.. Come on. Are you kidding? Finally today, The system started hanging more frequently and I about to broke my key board but I resisted my angry and started searching in google and the first result which I got is from neowin and they have given me the clue.. Yes… The have provided me with Microsoft HOTFIX.. and I have installed.. voila… The problem disappeared.   Thanks Neowin…   Now, I am back with normal mode.   Happy...

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Windows 8 – Right direction and decision at Right Time from Microsoft

Posted by on Sep 24, 2011 in Blog, Windows 8 | 0 comments

Recently Microsoft has release Windows 8 Developers preview and I am very excited on seeing the preview videos. I got Lenovo W510 one of the powerful laptops available in the market. So I decided to install it and test it. I already got 3 Operation systems in my LapTop. 1. Windows 7 Professional – Primary 2. Windows 7 Professional – Virtual 3. Kubuntu (Ubuntu) – Primary. My laptop has already 4 partitions and I was not able create one more partition for Windows 8. So I decided to sacrifice Kubuntu. Stupid Mistake: I have just removed Kubuntu parition from Windows 7 OS which removed the Boot loader. As a result I was not able to login to my machine at all. I dont have Windows 7 CD to recover. :-(. I was in a panic situation for moment as I didnt take back up of my machine. Then I calmed down. I have used my Windows 8 USB boot loader and repaired the Boot loader and finally I was able to login. Partition Night Mare: When I have tried to install Windows 8 an Unpartitioned space, It failed with usual windows error message “0XXddFFEF”. What does it mean? Who knows? And I didnt care about that. I have logged in to Windows 7 again and tried to format the Unpartitioned Disk space. For some strange reason, It didnt allow me to format and create partition on that space. After some long search I found this tool MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.0 which helped me to partition my hard disk. Installation: The installation procedure went really smooth and I didnt find any difficulties. The first time boot up was slow and it gives you options to configure your default operating system and wait time. Find the attached screen shots. Conclusion: After the installation, Operating system expects you to provide your windows live Id. But it is optional. I have just started navigating thru various options. I am very impressed so far. Also I have decided to participate Microsofts beta testing program. This is just a beginning. Watch this space. More things to...

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