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Windows 7 – Lenovo 510 Intermittent freezing, hang and resumes automatically…

Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 in Blog, Windows 7, Windows 8 | 0 comments

I am having Lenovo 510 which I bought for $1500 and for the past 2 months I was facing strange problem. While I was using the system, The system got freezed, mouse cursor wont move, the key boards wont work, the hard drive stops rotating (temporary death 🙂 ) and it resumed automatically.  It was very annoying especially for a web developer and designer who is using the system for more than 10 hours per day.  I was not able to find any single solution for this issues. Every forum I visited, they asked me to check recently installed drivers and uninstall one by one.. Come on. Are you kidding? Finally today, The system started hanging more frequently and I about to broke my key board but I resisted my angry and started searching in google and the first result which I got is from neowin and they have given me the clue.. Yes… The have provided me with Microsoft HOTFIX.. and I have installed.. voila… The problem disappeared.   Thanks Neowin…   Now, I am back with normal mode.   Happy...

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Are you going to install VS2010 in your new Laptop

Posted by on Jul 3, 2011 in ASP.NET, IIS, Sql Server 2008, Uncategorized, VS2010, Windows 7 | 0 comments

Hi Guys, Did you buy new laptop? Are you going to install VS2010? Please stop and read this blog. Please install them in the following order.Otherwise you are at risk to format your OS and reinstall everything once again 🙁   1. Install IIS  with the following features: ( Control Panel –> Programs –> Turn Windows Features on / Off) i)  Internet Information Services with the following options selected.   iii) Your system will be restarted once.   iv) Install Visual Studio 2010   v) Install Sql Server 2008   You will be good to...

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