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Creating Indexed Product Listings in ASP.Net MVC

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 in ASP.NET, Microsoft | 0 comments

In my recent project my client wanted to have index options for authors / manufacturers. Like the following A B C D.. E I just wanted to make changes in my cshtml itself and dont want to change anything in the controllers or dont want to make it complicated. I may be very lazy ;-). So I came up with this idea. As you aware, MVC binds Model to view. I am using IList<Authors>. So I used the following code in my view. <div id=”pagination-bottom” class=”pagination pagination-centered”> @if (Model.Count > 0) { List<string> alpha = Model.Select(u => u.Name.Substring(0, 1)).Distinct().ToList<String>(); alpha.Sort(); <ul class=’unstyled’> @foreach (string al in alpha) { <li><a href=”@Request.Url.Scheme://@Request.Url.Authority@Request.Url.LocalPath?filter=@al”> @al</a></li> } </ul> } </div>   IList<ManufacturerModel> filteredModel; filteredModel = Model; var filter = Request.QueryString[“filter”]; if (filter != null) { filteredModel = Model.Where(m => m.Name.StartsWith(filter)).ToList<ManufacturerModel>(); }   Hope this helps some one in need…...

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Setting up payment gateway in India

Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in ASP.NET, Blog | 1 comment

Recently one of my client required have an e-commerce set up. So I have started inquiring about various online payment options. As I am a free lancer from US, I have very little idea about payment gateways in India. When I have started gathering information about it, I shocked about the formalities they have and the cost they are asking to set up and AMC.    In US, the leading payment providers such as Paypal,  and Google are following simple and straight forward processes which will take only less than a day to set up. But in India it is very difficult and most of the payment gate way service providers are not transparent. They are not ready to reveal about their service fees. Why is that? Whenever a person needs to have such service, he should be able to compare the services provided by them. finally I found a good document available in the internet. Thanks to the person who put together this information. ...

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Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate – Set up Experience..

Posted by on May 31, 2012 in ASP.NET, Blog, c#, VS2012 | 0 comments

Visual Studio 2012 RC has been released today. and I am very happy to download and install Express edition for Web.  I cannot resist myself 🙂 So quickly I would like to share my set up experiences. The installer has been modified to match Windows 8 standards. While installing the  product, it wanted me to restart my machine couple of times. First time, after installing the framework (.Net Framework 4.5) and second time after installing the complete product. So look at the screen shots below in the order.. 🙂 This slideshow requires JavaScript. You can found “what’s New” from the following link. I will be back with few tutorials about new...

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Introduction to Complex UIs Using jQuery UI

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in ASP.NET, Blog, JQuery, VS2010 | 0 comments

Guys, I have come across this and found it is very useful..   Building a web application with jQuery makes the task easier. Similarly, building a web application with a complex UI is made easier with jQuery’s sister project jQuery UI. With jQuery UI we have a collection of interactions, widgets and a theme builder at our fingertips that allows us to make a cohesive UI.   To continue reading click...

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Are you going to install VS2010 in your new Laptop

Posted by on Jul 3, 2011 in ASP.NET, IIS, Sql Server 2008, Uncategorized, VS2010, Windows 7 | 0 comments

Hi Guys, Did you buy new laptop? Are you going to install VS2010? Please stop and read this blog. Please install them in the following order.Otherwise you are at risk to format your OS and reinstall everything once again 🙁   1. Install IIS  with the following features: ( Control Panel –> Programs –> Turn Windows Features on / Off) i)  Internet Information Services with the following options selected.   iii) Your system will be restarted once.   iv) Install Visual Studio 2010   v) Install Sql Server 2008   You will be good to...

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