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Creating Indexed Product Listings in ASP.Net MVC

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 in ASP.NET, Microsoft | 0 comments

In my recent project my client wanted to have index options for authors / manufacturers. Like the following A B C D.. E I just wanted to make changes in my cshtml itself and dont want to change anything in the controllers or dont want to make it complicated. I may be very lazy ;-). So I came up with this idea. As you aware, MVC binds Model to view. I am using IList<Authors>. So I used the following code in my view. <div id=”pagination-bottom” class=”pagination pagination-centered”> @if (Model.Count > 0) { List<string> alpha = Model.Select(u => u.Name.Substring(0, 1)).Distinct().ToList<String>(); alpha.Sort(); <ul class=’unstyled’> @foreach (string al in alpha) { <li><a href=”@Request.Url.Scheme://@Request.Url.Authority@Request.Url.LocalPath?filter=@al”> @al</a></li> } </ul> } </div>   IList<ManufacturerModel> filteredModel; filteredModel = Model; var filter = Request.QueryString[“filter”]; if (filter != null) { filteredModel = Model.Where(m => m.Name.StartsWith(filter)).ToList<ManufacturerModel>(); }   Hope this helps some one in need…...

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Extracting all the column names with User descriptive from HP Quality Center.

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Blog, HPQC | 2 comments

I was struggling hard to find out the column names to extract values from HP Quality Center database.  Most of us know the user defined name that is available in the HP QC application. But in order to extract data or to write custom reports using vb script or any other information  we need database field names. Some time there will be names like “Custom 1” or “User 1” are there in HP QC application and people specifically need that field in the report. I was going crazy for a while to find those names. After some research, I wrote the following piece of code which extracts all the user  defined fields from HP QC database. Hope this helps some one in need..   TDAPIOLELib.Command cmd = (TDAPIOLELib.Command)td.Command; cmd.CommandText = "SELECT SF_COLUMN_NAME, SF_USER_LABEL FROM SYSTEM_FIELD where SF_TABLE_NAME='BUG' order by SF_COLUMN_NAME"; TDAPIOLELib.Recordset rs = (TDAPIOLELib.Recordset)cmd.Execute(); using (System.IO.StreamWriter file = new System.IO.StreamWriter(@"C:\qccolumnmapping.txt")) { while (!rs.EOR) { file.WriteLine(rs["SF_COLUMN_NAME"] + "," + rs["SF_USER_LABEL"]); rs.Next(); } }...

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