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When two iPhone users meets in Subway:

User 1:  Whats is it? iPhone 3?…

User 2:  Oh yeah…

User 1: Oh ok….

User 2:  ?…..


But when 2 Android users (Heros?!…) meets in Subway:


Hero 1: Hey dude.. Whats your phone?…

Hero 2: Dude., it is HTC Evo 4G  3D

Hero 1: Oh cool. So it contains Android version 2.3 right?…

Hero 2: Yes dude. It is amazing. and especially HTC Sence 3.0.

What is yours ?

Hero 1: I got HTC Evo 4G. But I rooted it to Cynogen mod 7.0

Hero 2:  Oh cool man. I have to wait for it to get for Custom ROM

Hero 1: Yeah. May be you have to wait for another month or 2.

Hero 2: Blah.. Blah….

Hero 1: Blah.. Blah….


Android makes friends every where except iPhone.